Tarzan has a Bad Day

One day, Tarzan was making his way home at the end of a busy day in the jungle.

He was just crossing the forest floor when suddenly he was pounced upon by a lion. After a struggle he managed to throw the animal off for just long enough to escape by diving into the river.

But as he was swimming he was attacked by an alligator. Another frantic struggle followed before Tarzan managed to clamber exhausted onto to the opposite bank.

Finally, making his way home through the trees, swinging from creeper to creeper, he was again set upon, this time by a chimpanzee. After fighting the ape off he finally arrived back at his tree-house where Jane was waiting to greet him.

He walked in, bruised, dishevelled and exhausted, and Jane looked at him, horrified. “Darling, you look terrible!” she said. “Did you have a bad day?”. “Yes,” replied Tarzan “it’s a jungle out there!”

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