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Why Chemists Don’t Write Recipe Books

Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients: 1.) 532.35 cm3 gluten 2.) 4.9 cm3 NaHCO3 3.) 4.9 cm3 refined halite 4.) 236.6 cm3 partially hydrogenated tallow triglyceride 5.) 177.45 cm3 crystalline C12H22O11 6.) 177.45 cm3 unrefined C12H22O11 7.) 4.9 cm3 methyl ether of … Continue reading

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The School Reunion

The three women hadn’t seen each other since school. They rediscovered each other via Friends Reunited and arranged to meet for lunch in a wine bar. Rachel arrived first, wearing camel Versace. She ordered a bottle of chilled Chablis. Clare … Continue reading

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Feminist Lessons for Men

NEW EVENING CLASSES FOR MEN! ALL ARE WELCOME, OPEN TO MEN ONLY. Note. Due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants. The course covers two days and topics covered in this … Continue reading

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