Seamus and the Priest

One day, Seamus was sitting on a bench, just enjoying a quiet drink, when Farther Murphy happened by.
“Seamus!” he demanded, “Follow me, I want a word with you!”
Seamus dutifully followed the priest back to his house where the father took him into the kitchen and produced two glasses and a bottle of whiskey, then fetched a couple of worms from the garden.
He filled one glass with water and the other with whiskey then dropped a worm in each glass.
They watched for several minutes while the worm in the water swam around happily and the worm in the whiskey writhed around in agony and finally perished.
“There,” said the priest “and what do you think we can learn from that, Seamus?”
Seamus thought for a few moments then declared “Well, Father. It seems to me that if you’ve got worms then you should drink whiskey.”

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