Cinderella Re-interpreted

Cinderella and her stepmother and stepsisters are in a terribly dysfunctional and co-dependent relationship. To make matters worse, Cinderella is a classic ‘victim’, totally refusing to take responsibility for her own life as she drones on day in and day out, ‘Some day myprince will come.’

Enter a manipulative control freak – Cinderella’s fairy godmother – who sets up a devious plan to fool Cinderella, who, having no backbone whatsoever, goes along with it and rides off to the ball pretending to be something she definitely is not.

Our young prince, fool that he is, is smitten and never looks beyond all the make-up. Cinderella, feeling very insecure (for good reason), disappears at the stroke of midnight, petrified that the prince will find out who she really is. But never fear, having delved into his past history, Cinderella’s fairy godmother knew that the prince would be drawn to any woman who played really hard to get.

Our prince finds her via the famous glass slipper, only to discover she isn’t quite the person she pretended to be. Nevertheless, he rides off with her into the sunset knowing in his heart that he can change her into anything he wants her to be – and we all know he is right!

And if we came back twenty years later, we’d find Cinderella worrying that some fair-faced young damsel might lure her ‘security blanket’ away from her.

But what if Cinders had been an independent, modern woman? What then? How about this scenario?

Cinders goes along with the game plan until she arrives at the ball, then she realises that what she is doing lacks integrity and she can’t carry on with the charade any longer. Determined to find a way to get what she wants out of life, she turns to run. The prince, smitten by her beauty, runs after her, but she tells him that she isn’t ready for marriage. Besides, they hardly know one another.

She then goes home and packs her bag, ignoring the guilt trip her stepmother and stepsisters are trying to lay on her. She kisses each one the cheek, assuring them that they can all make it on their own.

And as our tale ends we see Cinderella walking into the sunrise to explore all the wonderful adventures life has to offer.

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