Charlie and the Genie

One day, Prince Charles was reversing his Land Rover on his mother’s Sandringham estate when he hit a tree. He climbed out to inspect the damage when to his horror he realised he’d run over the Queen’s favorite corgi. He tried to revive it but it was stone dead.

As he was wondering how he was going to explain this he noticed where the tree had been uprooted there was an oil lamp. He picked it up and polished it and to his surprise a genie appeared. (Well, it happens, doesn’t it?)

The Genie said “Your Highness I can give you one wish. What would you like?”

“Only one?” said Charlie. “I thought the going rate was three.”

“Nah. That’s a myth” replied the genie. “You’re thinking of those Arabian genies. British genies have higher overheads so we can only grant one.”

“Oh, very well” said the Prince. “Look, this is Mummy’s favourite dog. Can you bring it back to life?”

“Let’s have a look” said the Genie. He inspected it, then tutted and shook his head. “Nah, sorry mate. There’s too much damage. Can’t help you I’m afraid.”

“But you’re a genie” protested Charles. “Surely you can do something?”

“Look. I’m a genie not a miracle worker and that’s one flat dog. There’s limits to what I can do. No way I can bring that back to life.”

“Oh, very well” said Charles. “Do I still have a wish?”

“Oh, yes” said the Genie. “You’ve still got credit.”

The Prince considered the situation and said “Well, can you make Camilla as popular as Diana?”

The Genie thought for a moment and said “Let’s have another look at that dog.”

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