Blind Football

A coach driver was taking a group of blind people on a bank holiday outing.

Presently they came to their destination, a spring fair, whereupon one of the group came up to the driver and asked if he could get their football out of the luggage compartment. The driver, puzzled, looked at the man and said “But you’re all blind. How ever can you play football if you can’t see the ball?” The man explained: “We’ve got a bell inside the ball so we can hear where it is.”

Impressed with this improvisation, the driver found the ball and stood watching the game for a while before wandering off to the refreshment tent for a cup of tea and a read of his newspaper.

Presently, he noticed a police car arrive. He assumed there must have been a fight, wondered why some people have to spoil the fun, then got on with his paper.

A few moments later, he noticed an ambulance arrive. Thinking that the fight must have been quite bad he decided to go and have a look as soon as he finished his tea.

Before he could do this, however, a police officer wandered into the tent and asked “Who’s in charge of this group of blind people?”

Panicking, the driver jumped up and said “I am officer! Why? What’s happened?”

The officer turned to him and said “I’m afraid they’ve just kicked the shit out of a morris dancer.”

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