The Playboy’s Wife

A millionaire playboy had turned forty and thought perhaps it was time to find a wife and settle down.

He looked through his bachelor book and found three women who he decided would make a good wife for him, but could not decide between them. So he came up with an idea: he would give each of the three a sum of money and see which of them spent it in the most beneficial way.

After a month, he interviewed each of them to see what they had done with their cash.

The first – a model – told him she knew how he liked beautiful women, so she had got herself a full makeover, a wardrobe of fashionable clothes and various accessories that she knew he would find pleasing.

The second – an IT consultant – told him she knew how he liked his gadgets, so she’d got a full set of all the latest games and entertaiment devices and set them up, fully networked, in his living room.

The third – an investment banker – said she knew his love of good investments, so she’d invested the money wisely across a set of stocks and had doubled his original sum.

The millionaire playboy was most impressed by all of this and still couldn’t decide between them.

So in the end he married the one with the biggest tits!

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