Signs you may be getting old

  • You need your glasses to find your glasses.
  • Your back goes out more than you do.
  • You feel like you’ve seen it all and done it all, but can’t remember much about it.
  • You get excited about a quiet night in.
  • Your mind goes, and your not sure when it’ll be back.
  • Once, if you went away for a few days it took you a day to recover. Now, if you go out for the day it takes a few days to recover.
  • People stop being rude about your age and start complimenting you on it.
  • Your children look middle-aged.
  • You walk into a noisy bar with a group of old friends and the bouncers ignore you.
  • As you walk into a noisy bar the bouncers advise you against it.
  • While in a noisy bar, the DJ asks if there are any requests, so you ask him if he could turn the sound down a bit
  • While in a noisy bar, you’re delighted when you realise you don’t need your hearing aid on.
  • You don’t go into noisy bars because they are too noisy.
  • While talking with a younger person you have trouble trying to remember something and are re-assured that it happens to everyone.

To be continued…

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