Frequency of Sex

Two men are in a pub chatting about life in general when one of them makes the assertion that you can tell how often a man has sex by the size of the smile on his face.
“Don’t be daft,” says the other “people smile for all sorts of reasons, it’s not just a matter of how often you get your leg over.”
“No,” insists the first fellow “I think you’ll find that all other factors cancel out and it just comes down to to how often they get it. For example, that bloke there looks fairly relaxed; he must be getting it a couple of times a week. That chap by the door on the other hand, he looks a bit stressed so once a month at most, and that misery in the corner, well he probably has to pay for it. Ah, now you see that chap at the bar with the broad grin? Practically every day, I reckon.”
His companion remains unconvinced, so they decide to wheedle their way into the company of the man at the bar and interview him about the matter. Eventually they work their way round to the subject of how often they have sex. “About once a year” is the man’s reply.
The first man is taken aback by this revelation. “Once a year? But why have you got such a big smile on your face?”
He replies: “Tonight’s the night!”

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