Dream Job

A man applied for a job as the cleaner in a brothel.

On offering him the job the madam explained his employment conditions to him and added that at the end of each day, on completion of his duties, he could have the services of one of the girls. That swung it, he accepted on the spot.

On the first day, after work, he made his way to the waiting room until one of the girls was available and accompanied her into her ‘consulting room’. Before he could say anything, she whipped out his old fella and pulled him off with expert precision and speed. He was a bit disgruntled about this, but re-assured himself that it was after all his first day and there would be plenty of time to get an improved service tomorrow.

So the next day, he went along again, but the same thing happened: before he knew what was happening his old fella was out and discharged and he was making his way home.

When the same thing happened on the third day he decided to take the matter up with the madam.

He knocked on her door and went in. “When I took up this job you told me I could have the services of one of the girls every day. Well so far all they’ve done is pull me off. It’s just not good enough!”

“Yes,” replied the madam, “that’s right. I said you had to work a week in hand.”

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