Non-PC Gay Humour

Some rather old gags from the days when gay men were called queers and you wouldn’t have let them near a child, let alone allowed them to adopt one! Explanations for today’s audience, where needed.

Did you hear about…

  • …the queer dog? He preferred his Pal to his Lassie1.
  • …the two queer judges? They tried each other.
  • …the two queer cowboys?
  • …the queer Irishman? He was a Pat on the back.
  • …the two queer Irishmen? Gerald Fitzpatrick and Patric Fitzgerald.
  • …the two queer Scotsmen? Ben Doon and Phil McCavity.
  • …the two queer ghosts? Liked putting the willies up each other.
  • …the queer Mexican? Wouldn’t let a day go by…
  • …the queer aborigine? Left his wife in the bush and went back to Sydney.
  • …the queer butcher? Put his meat up a couple of coppers2.
  • …the queer frog? He liked being on a toadstool.
1. Pal and Lassie are brands of dog food. Not sure if they’re still available.
2. ‘Copper’ = Policeman or pre-decimalisation term for copper coins. I’ll leave ‘meat’ to your imagination.
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