Zen and the Art of Corporate Management

Zen is said to be the art of happiness while corporatism is a source of stress. I wonder why? Here’s a completely unscientific comparison.

Zen Corporate
Do one thing at a time Multitask
Do it slowly and deliberately Faster!
Do it completely Never mind that. This is higher priority!
Do less Do more
Put space between things As soon as you’ve finished that, do this.
Develop rituals Forget about the procedure, we promised this to the customer for yesterday.
Designate time for certain things Project plan? Haven’t got time to create one. Just get on with it!
Devote time to sitting Get off your ass. Now!
Smile and serve others  Dunno what you’re smiling at. This is desperate.
Make cleaning and cooking become meditation  Lunch is for wimps
Think about what is necessary  Just ask the boss
Live simply  This complex new piece of software will vastly increase efficiency – if we ever find time to fathom out how to use it.


  • Corporate: my job
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