Tesco’s Horse Burgers

Still having a bit of trouble after eating one of the Tesco’s burgers containing horsemeat.
My condition is now stable, I have had the trots but after overcoming a few hurdles, I’m odds on to make a full recovery although the doctor said it was a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!

To eat or not to eat a Tesco burger?……….That is Equestrian.

If you think Tesco’s Horse burgers are bad, you should try their quarter pandas.

Tesco are giving treble points on your club card for all burgers and petrol, starting Monday. The deal is called – Only Fuel and Horses.

In response to the revelation about horse meat in Tesco burgers, they have release a statement stating that they also cater for vegetarians… They said ” We are also putting UniQuorn in the veggie burgers”

Went to the freezer to check my Tesco burgers and….THEY’RE OFF…

It turns out that the horses were molested before they were turned into burgers…The police are asking anyone who knew Jimmy Saddle to come forward.

Never eating another one of those Tesco burgers. Bloody things gave me the trots…Hopefully it won’t last furlong!

Those Tesco horse burgers were nice, but I prefer My Lidl Pony.

I bought a burger at Tesco’s cafe, the waitress said “would you like anything on it?” I replied ” a fiver each way “.

I’ve had it tough lately working on the meat counter at Tesco’s…….it feels like I’m flogging a dead horse!

Tesco say they’re out of stock on Burgers but they’ve got a fresh delivery coming in at 10 to 1.

HMV Vouchers now being accepted at Tesco. Just tell them HMV stands for Horse Meat Voucher.

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